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Thank you for stopping by and considering a Cupples Car.

At Cupples Car Company, we feel that the best means of transportation is a nearly new vehicle which has undergone the rapid depreciation usually experienced during the first and second year of ownership.

Our goal is to stock these nearly new models, after this depreciation has occurred.  The value of the vehicle has stabilized, and the original factory warranty has not yet expired.

We are proud to offer vehicles purchased directly off-lease from their respective manufacturers.  Our vehicles present a logical choice, as the depreciation is leveling off during your next few years of ownership.

A high mileage used car usually doesn't last the term of today's long loans.  Buying a "Cupples Car" is buying a "like new," low mileage car, without that new car "Sticker Shock" and rapid depreciation.

Unlike most retailers, we purchase from special manufacturers sales almost every day, looking at literally thousands of cars weekly- in order to select the best values that we can find for you, the customer.

 In 2005, after 17 Years of business in the Lakes Region, Alan & Diane sold the business to their son, Ross.  Proudly entering our 30th year in business, Ross and his wife, Renee, maintain the high standards and strong family values which have built our excellent reputation over the last two decades.

Just ask around, you probably know someone who drives a
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